Aftermarket Competitive Intelligence

Do you have less than your fair share of your aftermarket? Is the market place to unclear and fragmented for you to make the correct decisions? Are your deliberations based on gut feel and opinions? Do you even know the market shares of your key competitors, and what they are up to?

Merxcell offers a solution that provides a structured, live picture of your aftermarket and your position therein, freeing up resources so your company can focus on making informed tactical and strategic decisions


Merxcell's information value chain

Merxcell's solution frees takes care of data gathering and synthesis, allowing your company to focus on making the right decisions

Integrating information from multiple sources

The information a company needs for market-based decision-making is mostly already accessible to them through public sources, internal data or employees' insights. However, combining and instituationalizing all this information is typically very resource-intensive. Thus, many decision-makers still are claiming that they act in an information vacuum.

Merxcell can efficiently gather information from multiple sources, including from your company and its employees. This is then synthesized into a cloud-based integrated dataset, dedicated only to your company, which can be vieweable through an interactive interface. 

This makes structured information about your market position available at your fingertips, allowing you to invest your resources into decision-making rather than information-gathering.

Demand Model, Supply Model, Competitor Tracking

The core of Merxcell’s offering is a quantitative model of supply and demand in your markets, down to a part number level. The integrated nature of the dataset allows you to view your and your competitors' market positions through multiple dimensions.

In addition, we will track your competition, quantitatively and qualitatively, and make available live competitor profiles through the user interface.

The core components of Merxcell's aftermarket competitive intelligence solution

Example of a central dashboard (NOTE: Most numbers on this image are made-up for demonstration purposes, and don't represent actual market conditions)

Interface tailored to cover your most important perspectives

Every customer has unique concerns and objectives that define their requirements for data, so a generic interface is of little value.

Therefore, we will define an interface jointly with you, based on your objectives and our key findings from modeling supply and demand in your markets.