Market Analysis - We provide our clients with objective, structured portrayals of their current- or potential markets. We describe the size, structure and nature of demand and the key forces that are shaping the market long-term.

Competitive Analysis - We examine competitive dynamics, assess how our client is positioned versus customer requirements and competition, and analyze the competitive density across market segments.

Strategy Development - In close cooperation with the client we can formulate a strategy that builds on the company’s unique contribution to the market and responds to the forces that shape the market long-term.

Acquisition Support - We scan for potential acquisition targets, profile companies and their markets, and provide market due diligence on high-priority acquisition targets.

Value Proposition Development We assist clients in the development of value propositions that are aligned with the requirements of the market segments prioritized by the client.

Customer Satisfaction - Based on surveys and qualitative interviews with the client’s customer base we help uncover the drivers of satisfaction in the client’s market and identify the areas in need of improvement.